Tonight taste Braman wines in Corpus Christi

Braman Winery

Braman Winery

Tonight taste Braman wines at the Corpus Christi Art Center Devary’s Courtyard. #braman #wine @gulfscapes #art @VisitCCTexas

Braman Winery
424 FM 774 
Refugio, TX 78377
(361) 526-2722

Rising from the rich coastal plains of south Texas is a new winery. Braman Winery is housed on the grounds of the historic Braman family ranch, outside of Refugio (pronounced “re-fury-oh”), TX. The Braman family traces its Texas legacy back centuries. Joe Braman, a trained chef, is head of the new winery, which opened its doors in August of 2010. (See recipes from Joe)

A visit to the Braman tasting room, which is adjacent to the ranch house, allows guests to enter a ranch rich in Texas tradition, built upon the backbone of Texas industry, oil. In addition to hosting the tasting room, the ranch also offers entertainment. “Joe has a real passion for pairing wine and food,” explained Ashly Kubicek, in charge of marketing for Braman. So much passion, in fact, that Joe and his wife, Dee, regularly host wine dinners poolside at their ranch. The dinners are open to the public, and reservations are available online.

Since it is beginning to outgrow its tasting room, Braman Winery plans to expand into nearby Refugio. “Joe has great vision,” said Ashly. “He bought a building in downtown Refugio that we are currently remodeling to put in a bistro and tasting room.” Opening is slated for Spring of 2012.

Braman Winery currently has 18 wines in its portfolio, ranging from “just for fun” blends to sophisticated offerings. The winery uses winemakers in California and Washington to create their wines, but future plans include growing and bottling their own, on site.

Its premier offering is Braman Legacy wines. These are sophisticated wines meant for the discerning palate, and range from $30 to $75 a bottle. The Legacy stable includes a cabernet sauvignon, a chardonnay, and a merlot.

Braman Winery

Braman Winery

The next tier of wines is the B10 line, which it markets as “unique wines for everyday life.” When Braman finds a vineyard that is producing an excellent fruit that shows well above the price, they declare it a B10 wine. These are excellent value wines that appeal to even non-traditional wine drinkers. The B10s include chardonnay, riesling, cabernet zinfandel, meritage and zinfandel, among others. The B in the name is for Braman and the 10 is for 2010, the year it was started. Each type of wine replaces the B with the first letter of the varietal, so the chardonnay is named C10, the riesling R10, etc. Prices are $12 to $15 a bottle.

Braman also has a lineup of fun wines. The Fringe Benefits line is marketed for new wine drinkers, or for fun times around the pool or barbeque where the wine should match the atmosphere. The Fringe Benefits motto is “No Snobs Allowed”, and are priced accordingly, around $10. Offerings in the Fringe Benefit line includes chardonnay, sweet red, sweet white, white merlot and cabernet sauvignon.

Designed for celebrations both big and small are the Sparkles wines. The standard is Sparkles, a white bubbling wine, billed as a “liquid exclamation point for any occasion.” Braman Mimosa combines Sparkles with fresh squeezed orange juice. Grabbing a bottle of Mimosa takes the work out of preparing traditional mimosas.

Tradition is important in Texas, and to Braman Winery. In the long tradition of Texas exceptionalism, five Braman wines won medals at the 28th Annual Lone Star International Wine Competition: Fringe Benefits Cabernet Sauvignon NV, Braman Mimosa, R10 Riesling 2010, Legacy Merlot Napa Valley 2009 and M10 Meritage 2007. It’s a fitting start to a new chapter being written from such a tradition rich Texas ranch. (Update on awards)

The Braman tasting room is open Thursday through Saturday, noon – 7:00pm.